The Tank War

Crusader III in Tunisia 1942

Must Watch! Tankies: The Tank Heroes of WW2

Just a quick one to tell you about a brilliant documentary I have just finished watching on BBC4. It’s a two part series called Tankies: Tank Heroes of WW2. The first episode focuses on the war in North Africa and the second looks at the war in Europe. It’s theme throughout is the 5th Tanks with regular input from veterans from that regiment and others. 

I believe the documentary is based on a book written by the presenter (Mark Urban) called ‘The Tank War’. which I read about a year ago. Both provide a unique insight into the life of the British ‘tankie’ and tell the grim truths of armoured combat in the Second World War.. Once again I am left in absolute awe of these brave men and the utter futility or war. It was another age.

If you’re quick you may be able to catch the documentary HERE.

Tank War

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